What is Flexible Scheduling?

Flexible scheduling is an option we provide for you if the property is vacant,or the photo shoot date and time is not dependent on other factors, like staging, or needing the seller to be onsite. If you select this option while scheduling, either online or over the phone, you choose a date range where the property is available. The last date in your date range is the last possible date the photo shoot will be scheduled!

From there, our system will check dates and times for you within that date range, and select the best appointment time that optimizes our photographers drive time, which in turn, decreases our carbon footprint! The system will finalize the time for you, and you will receive a photo shoot confirmation email by 3 PM the evening before the date and time of your photo shoot. Our photographers will still be present at the property at the date and time specified in your confirmation email!

If you need more information on how to reschedule or cancel a flexibly scheduled shoot, please click here.

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