Virtuance Integration with REColorado

We have partnered with REColorado to be a leading provider to integrate directly into the MLS, allowing Virtuance images to land directly on your listings on RECorado!  

There are two ways to easily opt in to this new user experience - while you are checking out or by way of your Virtuance Marketing Suite.   More on how to opt in later in this article.

Either way you choose, once you’re set up, there will be no more downloading, no more unpacking zip files, no more uploading to REColorado, and no more file organization headaches for future listings!

Our REColorado integration is currently available in the following regions:

CO High Country

Colorado Springs


Denver North

Denver South


Northern Colorado

To take advantage of this time saving integration during checkout, when prompted, simply enter your REColorado User ID and select that you want to opt in: 

If you decide you want to utilize our integration after checking out, there’s still time!

After logging into your Virtuance Marketing Suite via My Account at, navigate to User Settings in the upper right corner and select the gear icon 

Locate the MLS settings on the right hand side of the settings page and update your MLS, MLS User ID, and toggle the Auto Upload Images to on:

Note: The integration between Virtuance and REColorado is not active until one of these two processes actioned and any photos/tours prior to establishing the connection will not auto upload from Virtuance to REColorado.

Once your images are ready, you will receive an email with instructions.

You will use the link we provide you during delivery to access your images and connect to the appropriate listing. Review, arrange, and caption photos and then publish up to 40 images and 3 virtual tours!

If you need further assistance, please contact the Client Success team here, by email at, or by phone at 844-443-7325! We're in office 7 AM - 6 PM MST Monday-Friday.

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