What types of properties do you photograph? Can you photograph people?

As a real estate photography company, Virtuance can photograph most types of properties - whether it's a residential home, mobile home, houseboats, Airbnb rental, Commercial property, or VRBO. 

With our HDReal photography, we capture multiple exposures or brightness levels for each still, then merge them together, creating a rich and dynamic image for every photograph. Our photographer's cameras are pretty sensitive and can pick up movement in-between these exposures, so when these layers get merged together any people or pets (even if they're standing very still) can have a blurred or ghosting effect which can look pretty unnatural.

This isn't something we can sharpen or remove during processing, so our photography is best suited for stationary objects like real estate! We also are unable to photograph products, food or other items that need closer up detail shots.

If you're needing any headshots, pet photos, event photography, products, or models in your images, we will not be the right fit for your needs.

You can click here for more information on the types of people we schedule with, or click here for more information on our commercial photography! 

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