Do you photograph Commercial properties?

Yes, we can photograph any office/retail, industrial, or multifamily space! Our Commercial packages have several differences from our Residential photoshoots related to the size of the property, the licensing of your photos, and many more features such as the following:

  • Blue Sky Guarantee: To ensure the most marketable images possible, all commercial packages include our Exterior Blue Sky Upgrade in the price. For more information on Blue Sky Guarantee, click here.
  • More Time Onsite: Commercial photoshoots require more time on site than residential photoshoots. Commercial buildings are much larger than most homes and special accommodations may be required to access certain areas of the building. For these reasons and more, additional time is needed for the photographer to navigate a Commercial photoshoot.
  • Specially Trained Photographers: Our commercial photographers are specifically trained for this style of photography.  There are different angles needed and a different understanding of marketable photographs needed to sell a commercial property.  Our commercial photographers have gone through rigorous training for this style of photography above and beyond what a residential photoshoot requires.
  • Licensing: Photos included in our commercial packages include the license to be used to market commercial properties. These images are traditionally used for a longer period of time and/or reused to re-lease or sell the property, such as leasing a retail space or using exterior and lobby images from another photoshoot to market another suite in the building.

As always, regardless if your photoshoot is for a residential or commercial property, we set out to produce the highest quality imagery possible, no matter the type, price, size or location of a property.

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