Walkthrough Video FAQs

Great news; Virtuance now offers Walkthrough Videos! 

Currently, the Walkthrough Video package is available in select markets. It is available in the markets below and we will update this article as it becomes available in other markets!






Colorado Springs






Las Vegas

Northern Colorado




San Antonio


What does the package include?

There are two different options you have when booking Virtuance's Walkthrough Video:

1: Walkthrough Video - A concise walkthrough of the home with little to no time spent filming exterior spaces.

2: Walkthrough Video w/ Outdoor Spaces - a concise video of the property interior, with exterior footage showing all unique exterior spaces.

Looking for a sample of the video? Take a look below!

Walkthrough Video Example with Outdoor Spaces | Virtuance

How Much Is It?

Because we work all across the country, prices do vary from market to market. Check our Pricing Page to check pricing using the zip code and square footage of your home!

Is This Shot By The Same Photographer That Does Our Photos? 

Yes it is! When you book a shoot with this package as an add-on, our scheduling system will filter to show you qualified photographers.

How Do I Prepare?

No special preparation is needed; simply review and complete the items on our Pre-shoot Checklist. Pay special attention to ensuring all lights in the home work.

Can I Be In The Video?

We’re sorry to say that we are unable to include clips of people in the Walkthrough Video product.

Can You Capture ADU’s or Out Buildings In The Video?

Yes we can! The video would start with the main house and then transition to the ADU. 

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