Does Virtuance stage the property for the photoshoot?

At this time Virtuance does not physically stage properties for our clients. We rely on the agent and/or homeowner to stage and prepare the property prior to the photographer's arrival. Since our photographers have an allotted amount of time onsite to photograph, it is important that they stick to their schedule. 

In certain cases a photographer may have time to do small staging tasks such as removing small objects from the frame, but it is always appreciated when this is done ahead of time! This will ensure our photographer has plenty of time to cover all of their scheduled shoots on any given day. Making sure that a property is photo-ready prior to the shoot will lead to a more efficient session and overall higher quality product. 

If you are interested in having the property virtually staged after your images are delivered, you're in luck! We currently offer virtual staging services. With four different staging styles to choose from, our virtual staging can help you save time and sell more quickly!

Click here to learn more about this service or to order virtual staging for your listing now!

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