Do you still shoot if the weather is bad?

Yes. We will shoot your listing no matter the weather conditions at the time of your shoot. 

If you choose to reschedule or cancel your order, please go online or call us prior to the photoshoot and reschedule for another day/time. 

On the rare occasion that the weather is extremely adverse and could endanger our clients or our photographers, we will let you know and cancel the shoot at no cost. 

For Aerial Photography: Due to the more delicate nature of the flying drones, inclement weather such as high winds, rain, and snow are not conducive to aerial photography. 

If the pilot doesn't feel the weather conditions can support flight, we will cancel the photoshoot at no cost. We always recommend checking the weather forecast in advance of your appointment as well as the day before the photoshoot.

You are able  to reschedule or cancel your photoshoot at any time,  no questions asked. If you let us know prior to 5pm the day before the photoshoot then there is no fee, however after that time our cancellation policy will apply.

In the event that the weather is cloudy/bad but we are still able to photograph, we offer our Blue Sky Guarantee. Click here to learn more about this upgrade!

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