How can I modify my property location when scheduling? It's not populating the correct address.

There are times where google isn't able to find the property address that you are needing to schedule. This is common for newer builds. 

First, ensure that you have the correct address entered in. 

Here are some examples of common address issues:

 - Street vs Road, for example, can bring up different locations 

 - Having the correct street address but a wrong zip code, can bring up an address across town

 - Ensure the direction is correct, meaning if it's 123 South Main Street and North is entered or the direction is omitted all together, this can cause the wrong location

Once you've entered in your address, you will be prompted to confirm or modify. If the address looks good, click confirm, if you need to adjust the address, click modify address, if you need to move the pin on the map to the correct location, simply drag and drop the pin on the right location. 

In the example below, we need to the move the pin to where the arrow is. 

To do this, we simply drag and drop the pin to the correct location.

If you need to zoom in or out, you can use the + and - buttons on the map: 

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