How do I use my promo code to get a discount on my order?

As you are placing your order, you will see a place to enter the promo code once you reach the “Confirm Order” Page at the end of the ordering process. Enter the promo code there and you will see your discount applied!

If you're having trouble adding your promo code to your order, feel free to continue scheduling your order (nothing will be billed by scheduling today) and send us an email here so we can troubleshoot!

Please note that promo codes can only be applied as a credit one time and that they do expire. Typically, the last four digits of your code indicate the date of expiration. 

*If your promo code is expired, our team will be unable to add this to the order. You will want to reach out to your Sales Rep for a new updated code, you can email us for your Sales Reps information if needed! Typically when a Sales Rep gives a presentation, they will provide the attendees with a one time use promo code valid for 7-14 days. 

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