How do I place an order online?

Step One: Log in to account

**If you haven't registered as a client yet, you can register after you have started creating your order.  It will prompt you to do this about halfway through the ordering process**

Step Two: Click on the “SCHEDULE YOUR SHOOT” button:

Step Three: Select whether the property is Residential or Commercial. Enter the property information, then click on Show Pricing

Step Four:  Confirm the location of the property

For help on modifying the property location, click here!

Step Five: Choose Daylight or Twilight Shoot:

Step Six: Choose which Package you’d like to order:

Step Seven: Select any HDReal® Enhancement that you’d like to add to your order. You can add items like: Rush Delivery, 10 Extra Stills package, etc.  

**These are not required**

Step Eight: Select any Marketing Enhancement that you’d like to add to your order. You can add items like: Blue Sky Guarantee, YouTube video, etc.

**These are not required**Step Nine:  Enter the remaining information for the property.

**Square footage is the only required information on this page**

**TIP: You can use "Previous page" instead of the back button on the browser to ensure you don't potentially lose the information they've already entered.**

Step Ten: Enter Payment information:

**This is required to check availability and then secure the appointment. The card is not charged until the images have been delivered**

Step Eleven: Confirm Order and Schedule.

You can A) Schedule Now or B) Request a call to Schedule and our team will reach out to you or the homeowner to schedule.

A) Schedule Now: Schedule now will take you to the scheduling section

Schedule Now Step 1: Choose "I'm Flexible" (works best for vacant, lockbox properties where we can show up at any time of day within the range of days you select) or select "I Need A Specific Day and Time" to review all times available so you can choose what works best.

Click here for more information on Flexible Scheduling!

   Schedule Now Step 2: Enter the date and time for the desired appointment and then click to choose the photographer.

Schedule Now Step 3: Fill out the information regarding access to the property and then click “Schedule Photoshoot”

B.) Request A Call To Schedule: After filling out the scheduling contact information, click on "Submit Request" which will save your order so far and prompt us to call the client or homeowner to schedule the photoshoot.

This will prompt us to call the scheduling contact that you provided to schedule the photoshoot!

If you need any help along the way, feel free to chat us online or call the Client Success Team at 1-844-443-7325!

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