I was sent a referral link, how do I get the $50 credit on my order?

If you've been sent a referral link to get $50 off your first order, please follow the steps below to get your credit!

1.  Click on the link sent to you, which should look similar to this:


2.  Sign up for a new Virtuance account (referral credits are for new accounts only)

3.  Schedule a new order online and get $50 off your first photoshoot! Credits can be applied after you input your credit card information in the scheduling process. Once you reach the Order Confirmation stage you will have the option to redeem existing credits or discounts. 

Once your first photoshoot is complete and delivered to you, the person who referred you will also get a $50 credit!

Even better, once you have a Virtuance account you can click on your ‘Referral Dashboard’ under ‘My Account’ to find your unique referral link, which you can post and distribute any way you want!  Each person who uses your link to sign up with us for their first photo shoot will get a $50 discount, and once it is delivered, you will receive a $50 credit on your account!  The more people you refer who use your link, the more discounts everybody gets!

For more help with scheduling an online order, click here!

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