What do we capture on the Floor Plan Upgrade?

We offer a Floor Plan upgrade in certain markets, which is when our photographers will render a 2D Floor Plan for your marketing needs. Pricing for our Floor Plans depends on the square footage of the home.

If this option is available in your market, you can add it to any photo shoot order under "HDReal Enhancements".

Here's an example of what the floor plan looks like! We deliver versions with and without dimensions for your marketing needs.

In order to ensure that we are depicting the home to the best of our ability, we will capture some spaces we wouldn't typically photograph in your still images, but the floor plan technology will not show any clutter or items in the final product. For a complete list of rooms and spaces we photograph for our standard shoots, please click here!

We will capture the following spaces on Floor Plan upgrades:

  • all finished spaces, including all bedrooms, bathrooms and closets
  • unfinished basements
  • unfinished work spaces
  • attached garages (Please note - if you would like the garage mapped on your Floor Plan please include its square footage in your order).

PLEASE NOTE: Our Floor Plans, while we strive for accuracy, are intended for marketing purposes only and not intended to be used for legal room measurement as there can be a small margin of error. If you need a 100% accurate room measurement for your records, then we definitely recommend you schedule an appraiser to measure the home.

If you have any requests regarding your Floor Plan, you can reach Virtuance Client Success by email at info@virtuance.com, or by phone at 1-844-443-7325!

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