What do we capture on the 3D Matterport Tour upgrade?

Included with your Matterport 3D Tour upon delivery is a clickable 3D walkthrough, a dollhouse view, a floorplan view so you can look at each floor from overhead (please note this does NOT include any total room measurements), as well as a measurement mode that allows the viewer to click from wall to wall and it will display the measured distance. To view an example of our 3D Matterport Tour, click here.

You can view our list of what we will always capture on the Matterport 3D portion of your order below. For a list of still images we typically capture onsite, click here!

We will always capture:

  • All main living spaces. This can include but is not limited to: Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, and Offices
  • All bedrooms. This includes secondary bedrooms.
  • All interior connecting spaces. We will capture stairways, and hallways to best showcase the home on a clickable 3D walkthrough.
  • All bathrooms. This includes powder rooms.

We will not capture these spaces unless it's requested:

  • Garages
  • Closets
  • Any unfinished space in the home

In addition, the 3D Matterport will not include any exteriors.

If you have any requests regarding your Matterport tour, you can reach Virtuance Client Success by chat at www.virtuance.com, by email at info@virtuance.com, or by phone at 1-844-443-7325!

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