How does flexible scheduling work?

Our flex scheduling option saves on average 2000 miles a week of driving or about 1 T of CO2 from being released into the air every week! The Photographers and Mother Nature thank you for choosing this option! 

Here's what happens when you choose flexible scheduling:

When scheduling, you will be prompted to choose a date range when the property is available for photos, our system will provide ask you to either choose a specific photographer, or select the "Best Available Photographer" option. This option allows our system to optimize our photographer's drive times the most!

Once you have scheduled a flexible shoot, the system will hold a time slot for you within that time range, so you never have to worry about missing out on your photo deadline. You will also receive a confirmation of the placed order!

And here's where the magic happens: 

Every day the system will review the schedule to see if there's a better option to minimize drive time within your timeframe. If there is, the system will move the shoot to the best time slot. 

When do I get a confirmation of the scheduled appointment time? 

Our system will fully finalize photoshoots at 3pm Local Time the day before and send a scheduling confirmation email at that time to ensure you are in the loop! 

I set my date range to Monday through Friday of this week and now it's Tuesday and I still don't have a scheduling confirmation email! What's going on?  

Worry not! The system always has a time locked in for you but because the shoot could move if a more favorable route is found, we only send you a scheduling confirmation email once the system has locked in a confirmed date and time of the photoshoot when we are sure it won't move. Your scheduling confirmation email will have the exact date and time of your shoot and your photographer's name and photograph. Our photographer will arrive onsite at the date and time noted in the final confirmation email.

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