How do I apply my credits to an order from my Volume Credit / Buy Now Credit purchase?

1) Log into your account

2) Begin scheduling your shoot by entering your property address.

3) The system will recognize that your account has credits and a pop up will ask you on the "Confirm Order" step if you would like to apply the credits to the order: 

4) On the "Confirm Order" step, you will see the amount of credits you have available below your order total. It will read 'You have $149 of available credits on your account - how much of this credit would you like to apply to this order?' Enter in the number of credits you want to apply to your order and click 'Apply Credits.' You will see that your credits are applied.

5) Next, Click "Apply Credits" and you will see the credit being applied to the order:

If you have any issues in applying credits to an order or have questions about the credits in your account, don't hesitate to contact our Client Success Team at or 1-844-4-HDREAL. 

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