Can I edit my Virtually Staged images?

Yes! We offer one free round of edits per order. If you need to have multiple images edited, we can definitely do that! We would just need to have all requests submitted at the same time. After the first round of edits, the price for further edits is a NEW order at the staging price of $39 per image. If you would like to change the style of the staging, this would also constitute a whole new order.

NOTE: The turnaround for any edit is two business days. We do not currently have an option to rush these orders or edits, so please plan accordingly!

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What We Can Edit

  • Switching out virtually staged pieces of furniture for other pieces, provided that they're in the same "style" group
  • Adding additional furniture to already virtually staged images, provided that they're in the same "style" group

We Cannot Edit

  • The color of the furniture or any virtually staged item
  • Removing existing furniture and adding virtually staged furniture
  • Choosing some furniture from one style, and some from another style
  • Switching the image that was already staged for another image. This would be a new order at $39 per image.
  • Switching from one style to another.  This would be a new order at $39 per image.

Here are examples of the styles we offer currently:


Traditional style samples: 

Scandinavian style samples: 

Farmhouse style samples:

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