How do I change the default theme to Tour for all of my listing websites?

You can set the theme of all of your listing websites in the Virtuance Marketing Suite to automatically be in the "Tour" (slideshow) theme, so you don't have to change each individual listing!

To edit the website design so that all of your listing websites will always be the Tour theme instead of Pristine, click on the "Account Settings" cogwheel in the upper right corner:

From the menu on the side of your screen click on "Design Templates."

From here you can make master account changes for your Virtuance Marketing Suite listing websites. Click on the website theme to switch from Pristine to Tour, then click on "Save Changes".

Now every new listing website will be automatically set to the Tour theme, so you no longer have to change it for every new listing!

If you'd like to learn how to change the listing website theme for individual websites instead of for all of your listings, please check out this article!

Note: We will be adding new themes in the future and they will show up as options as they become available. 

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