Can you retouch my images after they're delivered?

Need some post-delivery retouching? Never fear, our Image Production team are wizards when it comes to editing your photos! We can green up grass, add blue skies to exterior photos, and more! Our retouching fee is $4.99 per image.

To order any retouching, please contact our Client Success team via email at, or via phone at 844-443-7325! You can also request retouching onsite with your photographer. They'll leave notes for our team to get those edits done for you!

Our team can accomplish a lot! Here's some examples of what we can usually change for you. Please note that any and all edits are at the discretion of our Image Production team, and there might be instances where we are not able to edit the items on this list.

  • Blurring real estate signs, pictures, or art
  • Grass replacement or greening up grass
  • Adding blue sky visible through the interior windows
  • Cord removal
  • Adding fire to fireplaces, firepits, etc
  • Removing glare from TV's
  • Adding images to TV's - here's a preview of the images we can use for this edit!
  • Adding property outlines or an arrow to aerial images - please provide us with a rough drawing of the property lines for reference!
  • And more! Email Client Success with your requests and we will see what we can do for you!

There are some items and situations where we will not be able to use retouching. Here are some examples!

  • Adding flowers, trees, leaves to trees or other additions to outdoor landscaping
  • Filling in large areas of green grass
  • Removing or modifying any permanent structure visible in the images that is not associated with the property, such as power lines, electrical boxes, etc
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