Can I purchase photos you have shot from another realtor or person?

While Virtuance retains all copyrights to the images we capture, we do offer the option to relicense images to another person for marketing purposes!  You can see the full legal language in our Terms of Service:  Specifically, section 7 explains how licensing works for individual photo shoots, as well as licensing for Stock image and Subdivision packages.

For images associated directly with a particular property, we will relicense those images ONLY with the permission of the original client who paid for the photo shoot.  An email is fine, but we do require that we have record of the grant of permission to relicense.  The cost to relicense images is either $35 per image, or 1/2 the cost of the original shoot, whichever is lesser.  Those images can only be used to market that particular property.

To market a business or a property that Virtuance has not photographed for the purpose of marketing that specific property, for example: a staging company, remodeling company, etc., the licensing is priced as follows:

1-5 images: $35 per image
6-9 images: $30 per image
10-19 images: $25 per image
20-40 images: $20 per image
>40 images: $15 per image

If images are to be used for marketing a business (e.g on a personal website,) these relicensing prices will apply.

Commercial photography rates apply if we are photographing a business for the purpose of marketing that space.

Upon relicensing images we will either add the images to a listing created in a new account, or add a listing to an existing account.

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