Can you photograph the area around my property?

We can photograph surrounding areas for your photo shoot, here's some examples of how you would set this up, and how our scheduling works!

For Attached Homes (IE Condos, Townhomes, etc)

Our photography partner can capture the associated amenities for attached homes under the following circumstances:

  1. The amenities are requested in the photographer's notes either when scheduling over the phone with Client Success, or online.
  2. The amenities are amenities that are only accessible as a benefit of owning or renting a home in the attached home development or building.
  3. There are no people present in any of the amenities in question at the time of the shoot. We're unable to photograph any images with people in them for privacy and MLS compliancy concerns. We will also be unable to ask people to leave an amenity to photograph it.

For Unattached Homes (Single Family Homes)

In order for our photography partners to capture any spaces off of the property for a single family home, you will need to add a subdivision package upgrade to your order. With this upgrade, the photographer gets an additional 30 minutes onsite, and we can capture up to 5 different locations within a mile's driving distance of the property!

You can either input the locations in the Photographer's Notes while scheduling online, or you can let our Client Success team know your preferences when scheduling over the phone. Here are some things to keep in mind when ordering this upgrade!

  1. If there are no location requests specified in the order, our photography partner will use their best judgement to capture the most marketable surrounding highlights to complete the package.
  2. We are unable to travel further than 1 mile of driving distance from the property address to capture any locations.
  3. We are unable to photograph any locations or amenities with people present, due to privacy and MLS compliancy concerns.
  4. We are unable to photograph any schools because of recent events - having a photographer snap images of schools might give the wrong impression and we want to ensure our photographers are safe onsite.

Other Options?

We have a couple of other options for you as well for highlighting nearby attractions on your listing!

- We have an optional Stock Image upgrade which, provided we have existing images on file for the neighborhood, gives you 7-10 additional images to use for marketing when we deliver the images!

- You are also welcome to upload any personal photos of nearby amenities you might have directly to the Photo Gallery.

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