What do I do if property damage occurs onsite during the shoot?

This is never a situation we want to put you in, and we hope it never happens! Our photographers are very proactive about letting us know if any accidents happen while onsite, and we require all photographers to have a Certificate of Insurance as a precaution for general liability purposes. If you notice anything and we haven't already let you know ahead of time, we'll want to gather as much information as possible from you for our management team to review. 

This includes at a minimum:

  • Detailed description of the incident
  • Clear photos of the damage
  • Description and value of damaged property (serial/model numbers, or a screenshot/link of similarly priced item online)
  • Client or homeowner's name and contact info 
  • Address where damage occurred

You can contact our Client Success team by email to info@virtuance.com or by phone at 844-443-7325 if you have any questions!

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