What is a Blue Sky Guarantee?

Blue Sky Guarantee is a marketing enhancement that ensures at least half of the sky is blue for your exterior listing images. If the weather is overcast on the day of your shoot, you can add a Blue Sky Guarantee upgrade that day! For twilight shoots, this enhancement guarantees beautiful twilight skies. 

When Blue Sky Guarantee is not recommended: There are certain times where we do not recommend using this marketing enhancement. If there is active rain or snow, the Blue Sky enhancement can look unnatural. In these cases, our team will give you a call before delivering the images and remove the upgrade should you decide to not use Blue Sky Guarantee. For more details, click here 

Important Notes

  • This upgrade guarantee applies to all exterior still images, but cannot be added to videos or interior images. It will not include views through the windows in your interior photos.
  • You can add this upgrade to your package on the day of the photoshoot. The upgrade cannot be added after the photoshoot has been delivered, however if you need retouches to the sky after delivery, retouching fees will apply.
  • If it is actively raining or snowing during the shoot, we do not recommend adding the Blue Sky Guarantee. See this article for more details.
  • If views are an important feature of the property, but they are obscured by inclement weather or haze, it's important to note that we cannot remove the obstruction and recreate the views digitally. In this case, we recommend rescheduling for a clear day. Click here to learn more about our cancellation/rescheduling policy. 

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