Why can't you add Blue Sky Guarantee when it's raining/snowing?

Our Blue Sky Guarantee is a $29 upgrade where our processing team will add nice blue skies to all of the exterior photos for your shoot. If this is added to your twilight shoot, we will instead add a nice twilight sky.

There are rare occurrences when our team recommends against Blue Sky Guarantee, because we're not able to remove individual rain drops or snow flakes from the exteriors. When there is active precipitation in the exterior images, our team will give you a call prior to delivering the images, and we will remove the upgrade from your order, unless you decide to proceed.

Here is what Blue Sky Guarantee looks like when its actively snowing in an image:

Before Blue Sky Guarantee:

After Blue Sky Guarantee:

If you would prefer we proceed with the Blue Sky Guarantee with active precipitation, you're welcome to give us a call or email us to let us know!

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