How Do I Make Sure My Unbranded Tour Is Compliant? (Northstar MLS, Legacy Version)

Northstar MLS has some additional protocols for their unbranded tours. In order to make your tour compliant, please follow the steps below!

1) When you receive your tour publication email, scroll down to the Client Panel link:

2) Click on the Client Panel link, and scroll down on the Settings page to the MLS options. They are located below the Music options.
3) In the MLS Information section, select Northstar from the dropdown menu. If you have a MLS number, you can input it now, or if you don't have one assigned yet, input TBD into the text field.

4) After Northstar is selected, and a number or TBD has been input into the text field, scroll down to the bottom to click Save to save these options.

5) Now that Northstar is saved, the unbranded tour link is Northstar MLS compliant! You can access this link by navigating to the menu buttons in the Client Panel on the right side. Click on Tour Links:
6) This will show you the same tour links that are available in the tour publication email. Please note, you will need to always use the unbranded tour, not the branded tour in MLS:
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