Can I send you a song to upload to my Listing Website or YouTube video?

We have a selection of music available through either your Client Panel (Legacy Tours) or in your Listing Dashboard (VMS) under the Music tab, which you can preview by clicking on the track. Once you have selected the track, in your Legacy tour you can click save at the bottom of the Client Panel underneath “Statistics”, and the tour will automatically update to the song you have selected. In your Virtuance Marketing Suite Tour, you can click Save towards the upper right side of your screen.

We currently do not have the option to upload a personal song to your Legacy or Virtuance Marketing Suite Tours. If you'd like to see an option to upload an mp3 file to your Virtuance Marketing Suite website, please let our Client Success team know! We're always making changes based off client feedback.

For YouTube videos, if you're ever needing a specific song, you can send us an mp3 file via email to use for your YouTube upgrade instead. However, there is a chance that YouTube could remove the video due to copyright violations.  YouTube has been very insistent lately about copyrights and we want to ensure your video isn't taken down by YouTube for violating that. 99% of the time if the song isn't a royalty free song or a song that you have commercial rights to (and you have to prove to them you do), they take it down. We want to ensure that you don't have to go through that hassle! 

You can contact the Client Success team at or 844-443-7325 if you have any further questions!

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