How Do I Make Sure My Unbranded Listing Website Is Compliant? (Virtuance Marketing Suite)

Lots of MLS services, including Northstar MLS in Minnesota, has some additional protocols for their unbranded tours. In order to make your unbranded listing website compliant, please follow the steps below!

Update the MLS Status on your Listing website: 

1) Click on the MLS Status button visible on the Overview Tab
2) Input the MLS Number 
3) Choose the MLS Provider from the dropdown
4) Click Save

Once you've input your specific MLS and saved, this will update your unbranded listing website to be compliant with their regulations!

Note:  Failure to add your MLS provider on your listing website can cause your unbranded listing website link not to be compliant with MLS regulations. 

If you'd like to set a default MLS for all future listing websites on the VMS, click here!

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