Where do I find my 3D Tour Link? (Virtuance Marketing Suite)

When accessing your listing dashboard, your 3D Tour, whether you've ordered a Matterport 3D Tour, or a Zillow 3D Home Tour, can be located through your menu items on the left!

To access the 3d Tour page, click on "3D Tour" in the menu on the left.

From this page you can

- Add your own 3D Tour link by clicking "Add Tour".

- Copy the link from your existing Zillow 3d Home Tour by hovering over the preview and clicking "Copy"

In your MLS, you can now paste this link wherever you can manage URL links or add a virtual tour.

- You can also make any 3D Tour not visible by dragging the tour into the "Inactive Tours" section below. This will hide the 3D Tour from being visible on your listing website links.

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