Why is my image not clear or is blurry?

Have you ever noticed strange things going on in areas of fine detail in your images, where lines appear jagged or broken, or strange circular patterns appear out of nowhere? This effect is called moiré. 

Moiré is another common issue that can arise when viewing images on a computer. Instead of being caused by the device being used, this particular issue caused by the software, specifically the internet browser.

When you view images anywhere on the internet, there's a good chance that the actual image is quite a bit larger than it appears on your screen, and your internet browser of choice - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others - is resizing it along with the rest of the website so that it fits your screen nicely. This is the case for pretty much any website, including your VMS listing gallery!

Moiré occurs when an image is shrunk down to a size that's too small to accurately reproduce a pattern within your full-sized image. But don't worry! The images in your VMS Gallery are uploaded to your listing at full size, and full quality. Even if your internet browser creates a moiré effect when you're viewing the preview images, those issues will go away when the images are downloaded or viewed at full size.

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