How do I change the branding color for my listing website?

Changing the branding color will update all Listing Websites set to Pristine, and will also update the Brochure to the color you need to match your branding!

1) Log into

2) Click on My Account > My Listings > View Marketing Suite Tours

3) Click on the cogwheel to access your Virtuance Marketing Suite account settings

4) Under branding, you can click on the box to the right to change your brand color

5) Left click to drag the slider up or down to choose the color range to pick from, then left click and drag inside the box to choose the shade that you want to use. Once you have a color you like click "Save Changes" which will update your branding color not only on your listing websites (branded and unbranded) but also on your brochure!

You can also match the color exactly from your logo or from your branding guide by typing in the color hex code.

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