How do I access my unbranded listing website to post on MLS?

Log into your account using the email you originally used to set up your account.  If you are experiencing difficulty, contact the Client Success Team at 303-482-2999 ext. 1 and we are happy to help!

Once logged in, you can access your listings from "My Account" in the upper right of your screen, then the "View Marketing Suite Tours" button.  Click the property you wish to view, and you will be taken to the Overview of that property!

Note: first make sure your MLS status is set! This ensures your unbranded link is MLS compliant. Not sure how to set your MLS status? Click here.

In the center of the screen, you will see the button to Copy the link for your unbranded website:

Click that, then paste into your MLS!

The "box with an arrow" to the right will show what any viewer will see when following that link.  The link remains the same, so you can send it to whomever you would like, but you can always change the website itself!

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