Can I share my images to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn/Social Media?

Yes!  You can share your listing website on social media by pasting the Branded Website link on social media into whatever post you would like.

For information on how to find your Branded Website link, click here

Facebook: Paste the Branded Website link into a new post, either on your personal profile or business profile

Twitter: Paste the Branded Website link into a new Tweet.

Instagram: Currently Virtuance is unable to post to Instagram.  You are certainly welcome to download real estate images from your Listing Dashboard, then upload them to Instagram.   You can caption the images with the website link, which viewers will need to copy and paste into their browser to view.

LinkedIn: Similar to Instagram, LinkedIn does not accept website links directly from Virtuance.  If you post the Branded Website link to LinkedIn, it will show up as a hyperlink to your subscribers.

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