Where do I download my images (Legacy Tour)?

Click here for info on where to find your Client Panel. Need help getting MLS specific sized images? Click here.

All media, including images, floorplans, video and panos can be downloaded through the Download Center in the Client Panel. You can access the Download Center through the "download tour photos" button at the top right of your Client Panel: 

Downloading All Images At Once:

You can download all media at once by checking the photo types that you'd like to download (small, large, MLS, or Print Quality) and then click the "Download All Media" button.

This will create a ZIP folder on your computer (usually saved in Downloads) which you can then extract or unzip to view and use your images. Click here for help on how to unzip the folder!

Downloading Images One At A Time: 

You can also download each item individually by clicking on the link for the Photo Size you'd like to download, below the respective item: 

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