How can I embed a tour on my website (Legacy Version)?

Your web designer/department will be able to use the information below to embed the tour right on your website. This means that the Listing Website will be visible on your website without going to separate page and leaving your website.

To access the embedded tour code, you will need to go to the Settings Tab in the Client Panel and scroll down to the "Tour Links" Section and click on the "Custom Links and Embedded Tours" tab.

For information on how to access your client panel, see this article.

You can edit the options to custom how the embeddable tour will display. 

Please note that selecting/deselecting will edit the tour code which is how a webpage will link to the tour. You will need to decide on the options before embedding the code on to the tour.

Once you've decided on the desired options, copy the code from the "Embeddable Tour" field and provide that to your website designer/department. 

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