Why can’t I put my Listing Website (Legacy Tour) on YouTube?

Your Listing Website is web based and not technically in a “video” format. YouTube requires all video files be in an MP4 or .mov format. We can create a YouTube compatible video for you for a $19 charge and it will include your images and branding information. To request a video, click on the Request a Video button at the very bottom of your client panel under the Settings Tab. 

We will receive a notification that you are requesting a video!


When it comes to uploading a video to YouTube, there are two options:
1️⃣ If you'd like Virtuance to upload the video for you, please provide us with the login credentials to your YouTube account and make sure
2-step authentication is turned off.
2️⃣ If you'd prefer to upload the video yourself, please let us know and we'll email you the video file

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