How do I get MLS specific sized images to download so I can upload the images to my MLS listing?

You can download MLS-specific sized images within the Marketing Suite on your listing dashboard. 

Steps to download MLS-specific images: 

  1. Go to your listing dashboard 

  2. Click the download photos button at the bottom of the left-panel navigation bar

  3. OR click the download photos button on the right corner of the cover photo

  4. Select your MLS images button when the download photos prompt appears

To change or add your default MLS provider: 

  1. Click on the account settings icon in the right hand corner

  2. Click MLS tab on the left panel navigation bar

  3. Select your MLS provider in the drop down menu

  4. Click “save changes”

The photos will download into a zipped compressed folder. For help on how to unzip the folder, click here!

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