How do I link my YouTube account?

Linking your YouTube account to your Listing Dashboard in the Virtuance Marketing Suite allows you to upload videos directly from your listing dashboard to YouTube. This is a huge time saver!

You can link your YouTube account in two places:

  1. Via the Social Media Information on your Virtuance account

In the menu on the left side of the Account screen you’ll see the Social Media Information

  1. Via the Videos Tab in the listing dashboard

Alternatively, you’ll see the option to link your YouTube account when viewing the videos on any of your listings in the Virtuance Marketing Suite:

Once you’re located and click on the “Connect to Youtube” option, you’ll be asked to sign into the YouTube Account that you would like to connect:

You’ll then be given a list of all YouTube accounts associated with your login details - select the channel or account that you would like to link with your Virtuance account:

Finally, you’ll be asked to give the ability to access your Google Account. Click “Allow” to complete this process:

Now that you’ve successfully linked your account, you’ll see that the “Connect To Youtube” button has been replaced with “Upload to Youtube”. You’ll also receive an email to confirm the successful linking.

Now, you’ll be able to easily upload any videos on your listings to YouTube, and we’ll be able to upload any YouTube enhancements directly to your account from now on!

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