What are Tour Statistics (Legacy ?

Tour statistics are sent out to you on a weekly basis, by default.  This information can be helpful to see how many individuals are viewing your tour, and which photos on your tour are most popular.  Below is an in-depth explanation of each statistic:

Total Photos viewed: All the individual media types, still images, panoramas and videos, that have ever been viewed for the life of the tour.

Total Tour Views: This is the number of times the tour has been viewed. Total Tour Views and Total Visitors will differ based on the number of times a Visitor viewed the tour on a single visit. The same person can be a New Visitor if they close the tour and return after 30 minutes. They will be additionally be classified as a Repeat Visitor.

Total Visitors: Total number of all Visitors to see the tour. Visitors are anyone that clicks on the tour link.

Images Viewed per Visitor: The average number of images viewed per Visitor. We count images until the viewer leaves the tour page or the tour stops running. This means that since your average was 85.4 images, that the visitor of the tour let the tour replay. Even if there are only 24 images on the tour, if the viewer replays the tour, it registers the second, or third playthrough as a new view of the image.

Repeat Visitors: Someone using the same computer with the same browser returns to view the tour at least 30 minutes after the first time they viewed the tour.

Referring Sites: This shows you which websites users are using to access the listing website link. Typically, you'll see a lot of referring sites from websites who link to your specific MLS via an IDX feed, which is where they're getting the listing website link.

Direct Traffic: This stat refers to users who are clicking on the listing website link directly without going through a referring website. They could be using a search engine to find the direct listing website, or they might have been sent a direct link to the listing via an email or text message.

If you have any questions regarding the statistics you're receiving, please contact our Customer Support team via chat, email or phone (844-443-7325)!

To turn off your tour statistics emails, please check out this article for instructions!

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